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Chapter 8: The President’s Personal Assistant (8) 

It had been a long meeting for the whole morning. Ye Huai didn’t understand a single word. He just sat beside Yu Xinzewhile supporting his head. He even almost fell asleep.

However, due to his special position as Yu Xinze’s assistant, as long as President Yu didn’t say anything, no one would dare to pick on him.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, It’s so boring! I want to fight zombies!”

520: “Have a good meeting”

Ye Huai: “No no, I want to fight zombies!”

520: “……” Just now, was it really that serious? I don’t know this f*cking host!

Before Ye Huai had a chance to say anything, Yu Xinze announced that they were to take a break and the meeting will continue after lunch. Everyone packed up and went to prepare for their lunch.

Wang Yi approached Ye Huai, “Ah Qing, let’s go (eat lunch) together?”

Ye Huai looked at Wang Yi, then he looked at Yu Xinze. His hesitation is written all over his face. Wang Yi was a little disappointed, “We haven’t seen each other in a long time, don’t you want to eat together with me?

Before their mobile game company had plunged into crisis, Wang Yi had taken advantage of when Ouyang Qing was taking a nap to steal a kiss. Later, when the crisis emerged, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Wang Yi had suspected that Ouyang Qing wasn’t really sleeping that day and the reason he disappeared was to avoid him.

“In the past, there were some things I wasn’t good at. Ah Qing, we’re still friends, right?” Wang Yi thought that Ye Huai knew about that matter so he simply apologized.

Ye Huai didn’t receive a memory regarding this matter. Ouyang Qing hid from other people because of the entrepreneurial failure and because his confidence took a hit. It didn’t have any relationship with Wang Yi.

But Ye Huai looked at Yu Xinze and saw him still whispering with Lu Tezhu. So, he shyly smiled at Wang Yi, “It’s alright.”

Wang Yi looked as if he was shot by Cupid’s arrow. Ye Huai smiled at him and even easily forgave him. It made his heart’s desires quietly bubble up.

“Ah Qing, let’s go eat.”, Wang Yi grabbed his shoulders, like how he used to do when they were in school.

Yu Xinze’s eyes swept over them and coincidentally saw Wang Yi’s pig hand, “Ouyang, help me order take-out. At noon, sort out the documents on my desk. What kind of mess is that? Also, stay in the company. You’re not allowed to go out at noon today.”

Ye Huai’s mouth turned flat. He looked at Wang Yi apologetically, “You go with An Qi.” I can’t eat together with you fresh meat.

Wang Yi didn’t let go of him. He pulled Ye Huai and went out, bringing him to the stairwell, “Ah Qing, how do you know Yu Xinze? Why is he willing to help us with the lawsuit? Did he threaten you?”

After a long time, Ye Huai said, “He wants to develop mobile games. He will help me in court, and I will help him to develop.”

“Is that all?” Wang Yi doesn’t believe that Yu Xinze had such a simple character. He had also heard different kinds of rumors in Da Zhe Conglomerate. It was said that Ouyang Qing became the president’s life assistant and he eats together and sleeps together with Yu Xinze.

“Did he threaten you? Or… did he hurt you?”

“No, he didn’t.” Ye Huai quickly denied it.

Wang Yi looked at Ouyang Qing and can’t help but remember when he just met him. He was always uneasy when he communicates with other people. Only when he was typing long codes on the computer would he become the most relaxed. What Wang Yi liked the most about him is the relaxed and calm face when he’s facing the digital world.

Wang Yi saw his response and was almost determined of what Yu Xinze did to him. He embraced Ye Huai in distress, “Ah Qing, if you don’t like it, I’ll take you away. Let’s start over again. You write the code, I’ll draw the illustrations, and An Qi will do the main storyline. We will succeed (this time)”

“Where are you going?”, Wang Yi’s voice hadn’t fallen yet when Yu Xinze pushed the door inwards and asked coldly while leaning on the door.

He took over Da Zhe when he was 16 years old, which was 10 years ago. In fact, he was not that much older than Wang Yi who just came out to society. But his rich experience made him have a momentum that Wang Yi lacks.

Obviously, Ye Huai, who was still in Wang Yi’s arms, cringed a bit.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, you say, will Yu Xinze punish me again?”

520: “……” I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t see anything.

Yu Xinze knocked on the door, his voice is sinking, “Assistant Ouyang, where is my take-out?”

“I’m going to take it!” Ye Huai quickly withdrew from Wang Yi’s arms and ran out.

Ye Huai: “This brother likes this kind of unquestionable tone. It’s so handsome it makes my legs go soft.”

520: I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t see anything.

“Listen, if you do something you shouldn’t do, I’ll make you regret it for the rest of your life.”, after Ye Huai left, Yu Xinze closed the door to the stairwell and fiercely threatened Wang Yi.

“You also remember, if you bully Ah Qing, I will make you regret it!” Compared to Yu Xinze’s unquestionable tone, Wang Yi sounded weaker.

The corners of Yu Xinze’s mouth converged, “The people I hurt, it’s none of your business.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Wang Yi’s spirit went loose and he discovered that his vest was wet. How did Ah Qing offend such a character?

Before lunch, Yu Xinze had instructed Ye Huai to organize his desk. He then proceeded to press him on the table and kissed him gloomily.

“Yu…”, The corners of Ye Huai’s eyes were moist. He tried to push him away. Recently, he had some exercise and so his strength was not that weak. But, Yu Xinze simply strengthened his hold on him and continued to kiss him.

“I know that you don’t like me, but I like you. Only I can help you. If you stay with me, I promise to make the best game of the country一no, the world’s best.”

“No……” Ye Huai’s lips were red and his eyes were teary. In addition, he was helplessly pressed on the table. He tried to kick Yu Xinze aside to make him loosen his hold, but he was cleverly dissolved by him.

“You’re not allowed to talk to that guy surnamed Wang again, understood?”, Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai stared at him with red eyes. He didn’t say anything.

“I heard that he opened up a comic studio with someone. If you meet him again, I’ll make his studio go bankrupt.”, Yu Xinze threatened him. His heart was cold. Ye Huai’s gaze was like a thorn piercing deeply into his heart. But, he didn’t want to stand back. Even if he had to become the villain, he must keep this person by his side.

He recalled all the times when the two of them are together but he still couldn’t understand. How did he become so passionately devoted to this person?

Was it love at first sight? Or was it the moment when he cried for mercy in bed? Was it when he stubbornly stared at him even as he burst into tears?

“Stay by my side and I’ll give you the best.” Yu Xinze said.

In the afternoon, Ye Huai entered the conference room with his ass still in pain. In his mind, he looked at 520, “Xiao Lingling, I’m so tired”

520: “Unexpectedly, You did it in the office…… My mother-in-law, I want to explode! Really, so shameless!

Ye Huai: “Calm down, look at where we are now.”

520: ‘I can’t calm down! I’m still a baby! How could you still perform R18 stuff in front of a newborn system!”

Ye Huai: “You can’t turn it into mosaic? You peeked!”

520: “No! But I can hear it, ah ah ah ah!”

Ye Huai: “Isn’t brother’s voice not particularly provocative?”

520: “……” Give me face!

While Ye Huai talked to 520 about Yu Xinze’s bed skills, Wang Yi was gloomily looking at Ye Huai from the other side of the big conference table.

He saw Ye Huai sit on the seat weakly and he looked desolate. Although he tried to hide it, his eyes were still a little red and he looked like he had cried. Yu Xinze sat next to him and listened attentively to other people’s speeches.

Wang Yi was resentful in his heart, hating himself for not having the ability to take Ah Qing away. He was obviously close at hand, but he could only watch him cry as he was bullied by a man.

On Yu Xinze’s peripheral vision, he saw Wang Yi’s look. He quietly adjusted his sitting position and reached under the table to seize Ye Huai’s hand.

Ye Huai instinctively cowered a little. He suddenly thought of Yu Xinze’s threat and he stiffly didn’t dare to leave. He obediently let him hold his hand.

Yu Xinze entwined their fingers under the table. While others weren’t paying attention, he looked at Wang Yi to show off and then seriously listened to the meeting again.

The subsequent plans were all finalized and the contract was signed on the spot. Wang Yi originally wanted to object but then he saw the imploring look in Ye Huai’s eyes. Finally, he signed his name.

In the evening, Yu Huai was sent home first by Yu Xinze’s driver while Yu Xinze went out to socialize. He went home and laid down on his bed, pretending to be a corpse.

520: “Don’t pretend to be dead.”

Ye Huai: “This brother is tired. Xiao Lingling, massage my shoulders.”

520: “I’m an AI, not a masseuse.”

Ye Huai: “Hey, kids are really proud now.”

520: “I just checked the mission progress. The completion rate is already at 30%”

Ye Huai: “So fast? Can I leave after winning the lawsuit?”

520: “I don’t know. This is judged by the main system. I’m only your assistant.”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, do you think that Yu Xinze will invite me to sleep in his room tonight? And every day, hehe.” Ye Huai seemed to see a beautiful nightlife waving at him.

520: “Dear Host, let me remind you. When you changed clothes this morning, you slightly deviated from the original. If I reported this to the main system, you will be immediately thrown out of this world.”

Ye Huai suffered a head-on blow. His little system was not a simple system and would actually threaten him. But suddenly, a light flashed in his head, “Do you mean, if I deviate from the original, as the person set to manage, it’s alright as long as you don’t report it?”

520: “Small deviations are determined and reported by the auxiliary system. A large deviation will cause the world line to change therefore the main system will be informed immediately.”

Ye Huai: “What you said……”

520: “No! Changing someone’s sexual orientation is a big deviation. If that happened, you will be thrown out of the world immediately.”

Ye Huai became listless when he knew, that was to say, he could occasionally act coquettish but he couldn’t live affectionately together with Yu Xinze. It was obviously cold but being forced to pretend, he feels tired.

Ye Huai tried to find the reason, but 520 didn’t tell him. Therefore, he began to act unruly.

Ye Huai: “Don’t you love me, Xiao Lingling?”

520: “I don’t love you, really.”

Ye Huai: “Nonsense, this brother is so handsome, how can you not love him.”

520: “……” 120, There’s a retard here.

Megane: I’m really the impatient one. I post the chapter as soon as I finished translating it. It’s so fun. I feel so motivated right now. In Novel Updates, it showed c1part7 but that one is already the 7th chapter. This chapter is the continuation of that chapter. Please support me on ko-fi to get an ebook of the first arc.

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520 – slang for “I love you” but it is also Ye Huai’s system’s number.

Xiao Lingling – Ye Huai’s nickname for 520. It means Little Zero Zero. 520 doesn’t like it but he doesn’t have a choice because he can’t make Ye Huai stop calling him that.

Brother – Ye Huai sometimes calls himself elder brother (which I shortened to brother).

My mother-in-law – I’m pretty sure this is one of those Chinese curses.

Give me face” – “Don’t make me feel embarrassed/ Don’t embarrass me”

Deviation – These deviations might be because Ye Huai went out of character(OOC).

What you said – Ye Huai here should’ve been saying something like, “Do you think that…” but I’m not sure…

120 – this is the emergency call number in China. (Thanks to MoonAngel for telling me.)

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