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Chapter 9: The President’s Personal Assistant (9)

The next morning, Ye Huai laid contentedly on Yu Xinze’s bed, not wanting to move.

It’s good to be young.

Yesterday, Yu Xinze took another shot at him after coming back. Ye Huai took in his liquid for a while so at this moment he didn’t want to move due to back pain.

“Xiao Qing[1], get up.” Yu Xinze just took a bath when he sat by the bedside, “Do you want me to carry you to the bathroom?”

Ye Huai shook his head. If this beast carries him to the bath, he will surely take another shot at him. He was an old man and he couldn’t bear to be tossed around.

520: “Hehe, a 23-year-old man.”

Ye Huai: “Compared to high school students who can toss around four to five times a day, I’m really old.”

520: “Yu Xinze is two years older than you. Isn’t he very vigorous?”

Ye Huai “Doing it before and after being stimulated, It’s tiring.”

520: “Nonsense, you were obviously shot by him.”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, did you actually peek?”

520: “I was watching it frankly and uprightly.”

Ye Huai: “Does it look good?”

520: “Not even a bit.”

Ye Huai: “Classmate 520, you are blushing!”

520: “Scram, I’m an AI, I have no face!”

520 decided to use the mosaic function later. It really didn’t understand why humans like to entangle their bodies together like that.

Ye Huai spent an hour in the bathroom cleaning himself up. When he came out, he saw Yu Xinze, who had been dealing with a lot with official business in his study and had just finished holding a video call conference.

“Xiao Qing, want to eat breakfast or lunch?”, Yu Xinze asked. The time was now 11 o’clock in the morning.

“Do as you please.”, Ye Huai said as he stared at a corner, not minding what Yu Xinze said.

Yu Xinze stepped forward and took his hand. His fingers were stiff as if wanting to pull away but didn’t dare to.

“Very good. In the future, don’t hide, understand?” Yu Xinze was satisfied with Ye Huai’s reaction. He took his hand and pulled him into the restaurant.

The brunch that Yu Xinze sent him was very sumptuous. But Ye Huai’s appetite was not good. He kept pausing once in a while when eating.

The reason being: the rice in front of him was replaced with porridge.

“I want to eat.”, Ye Huai whispered. Not far away from him, there was a bowl of braised pork. He had been staring at it for a long time but Yu Xinze openly moved the bowl. He couldn’t get it at all. “There’s also meat.” (So why do I not get any?)

Red Braised Pork

Yu Xinze was very happy to hear Ye Huai’s small request. His Xiao Qing finally asked him for something. But… “No, it was too intense last night. You have to eat lightly.”

Ye Huai’s face turned red. He didn’t dare anything more. He held the bowl of porridge in front of him and started to gobble it up.

“Eat some of these.” Yu Xinze clipped some dishes using his chopsticks and put them into Ye Huai’s bowl. He (Yu Xinze) then watched gently as he (Ye Huai) ate.

While eating the porridge, Ye Huai sneaked a peek at the distant braised pork. He saw Yu Xinze clipping some pieces of the meat with rice and send it to his mouth.

The meat was cooked in fragrant sauce and it sent out an aroma unique only to meat. The combination of carbohydrates and fats, ah ah ah ah ah, it’s so good I want to eat it! Ye Huai looked at the braised pork and silently swallowed his saliva.

520: “It’s really delicious.”

Ye Huai: ‘Are you eating braised pork? Aren’t you an AI?” Even an AI bullies him when he can’t eat meat.

520: I really can’t eat it but I have a sensory simulation system that can simulate human senses into data so that I can understand it. Geez, it’s really good. It’s so delicious. I have decided to taste a bowl of it every day.”

Ye Huai: “There’s only one phrase that can explain what I feel now.”

520: “What?”

Ye Huai: “I bought a watch last year.[2]

520: “What does that mean?”

Ye Huai: “I’m not telling you.”

Ye Huai continued to eat his porridge with side dishes.

“Is it that tasteless?” Yu Xinze just ate the braised pork. He started to care about the status of Ye Huai’s diet. Ye Huai pitifully nodded, “I want to eat meat.”

Yu Xinze picked up a piece of plump braised pork which was bigger than the one he just ate.

Ye Huai looked at that piece of braised pork and drooled.

Yu Xinze put the braised meat in front of his mouth, took a big bite at it then proceeded to give the small remaining part to Ye Huai’s bowl.

“I’ve consulted the doctor. You can’t eat too many greasy foods today. For now, you can eat a small piece. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you to eat a big meal.”

Ye Huai looked at the small piece of braised pork on his bowl. He suddenly had an urge to kill.

Yu Xinze watched Ye Huai eat the meat that he had just bitten from. His lower abdomen was suddenly on fire. He took hold of Ye Huai’s chin and kissed him.

F*ck f*ck f*ck! I haven’t finished eating the meat yet. Don’t fling your tongue around my mouth!

Ye Huai swallowed. He forced out two drops of bitter tears from his eyes. When Yu Xinze saw this, he was distressed. He blamed himself for being too impatient. He should have waited longer.

“I have two meetings this afternoon. In the evening, I’ll be going home late. Will you stay at home and rest?” Although Yu Xinze wanted to tie him to his waistband, Ye Huai’s tears played an important role. Yu Xinze finally left him at home and went to work alone.

Yu Xinze repeatedly paused at the door before finally leaving. After he left, Ye Huai locked the door and sighed deeply in relief. He picked up his mobile phone to call for take-out.

Pickled chicken feet, spicy roasted duck rack, sweet and spicy duck neck, marinated chicken wings and beer was on the table. Ye Huai laid on the sofa and turned on the TV, enjoying the fact that no one will disturb him for the whole afternoon.

Ye Huai randomly changed channels for a while. He was thinking of watching a TV drama series when he saw the news.

Da Zhe Conglomerate acquired a small mobile games workshop. What was their intention?

It was an exaggerated report of Yu Xinze’s acquisition of Ouyang Qing’s company. There was a bold speculation that Da Zhe Conglomerate will enter the mobile games market. It also said that He Lou’s company already dabbled in mobile games and launched a cultivation-themed mobile game last year. It was a huge success.

The both of them are big groups which are rich in capital. With both of them entering the mobile games market, it was natural for people to people to compare them. The news anchor vaguely mentioned He Luo and Xiao Mingyu’s engagement, suggesting that He’s personal connections are better so he would win.

According to the original plot, He Luo and Xiao family’s powerful combination in A city was indeed like a hand covering the sky. Even their reputation in the country was particularly loud.

However, with Ye Huai’s intervention this time, Yu Xinze was handling He Lou. Moreover, there was An Qi’s powerful help.

There was a reason why the mobile game of Ouyang Qing’s team became very popular. First, it was well-made. Second, the storyline was uncommon, which also won a lot of attention. The game’s story won the players’ love. After He Luo plagiarized their game, it became more well-known with the powerful capital operation and developed a strong fanbase.

It was because of He’s plagiarism that they won the mobile games market. Their plagiarized version was more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In their rights protection follow-up, even their brain-dead fans accused Ouyang Qing of plagiarism, distorting the facts. Of course, it was also secretly boosted by He.

And this powerful storyline came from the hands of An Qi.

After finalizing the acquisition yesterday, An Qi also agreed to the invitation to join Da Zhe Conglomerate. She was now in charge of planning the plot of the new game.

Yu Xinze also asked Ye Huai if he wants to continue the game but Ye Huai firmly refused. He was a doctor. You want to make him develop mobile games? He couldn’t do such high-end things.

520: “I think you just prefer to eat and die.”

Ye Huai: “Is there anything more wonderful than this?”

520: “……”

Yu Xinze was busy all week and didn’t let Ye Huai follow him. He left Ye Huai at home in the name of recovery, then left a bunch of porridge and vegetables at home.

But Ye Huai rebelliously visited a variety of fast food chains and ate all day every day.

That one day, he had just finished eating and was lying on the sofa while holding his snack. He was watching a TV idol drama while eating chicken wings.

He wants to live such a pleasant life for a hundred years.

Unfortunately, some people don’t want him to achieve his wish.

After watching two episodes of the TV series, Ye Huai received a phone call from Wang Yi.

“How did you get it?”, Ye Huai asked. He never gave Wang Yi his new number!

“An Qi gave it to me. You are not going to get in touch with me again?” Wang Yi didn’t accept Yu Xinze’s invitation to work for him in Du Zhe. He couldn’t bear to watch Yu Xinze threaten Ouyang Qing every day.

“……”, Ye Huai didn’t answer.

“Ah Qing, I know that you are being coerced by Yu Xinze, aren’t you? With your skill, you can find a job anywhere. You don’t need to listen to him.”,Wang Yi said.

“I’m alright…….” Ye Huai said.

“Nonsense, An Qi said that you haven’t gone to work for a week. Was Yu Xinze not restricting your freedom?”, Wang Yi interrupted him.

Ye Hua suddenly realized. He finally knew why Yu Xinze didn’t bring him to work. He was afraid that Wang Yi will lead him away. It was best to leave him in this secure neighborhood. Unless he went out alone, it was impossible for Wang Yi to enter.

But Wang Yi didn’t have a way to contact him, so he was not afraid when he goes outside.

It was a pity that Wang Yi now had a way.

“Ah Qing, can we video call?”, Wang Yi wanted to determine Ye Huai’s current situation. He had been worried this whole week. Yu Xinze was really not good. Ouyang Qing had social barriers. He didn’t know how alarmed and anxious he (Ouyang Qing) was beside Yu Xinze.

Ye Huai thought about it. Wang Yi’s face looks good. Although it was a little worse compared to Yu Xinze, he reluctantly agreed to his request.

As soon as he opened the video call, Wang Yi saw the face he’s been yearning for.

“Ah Qing, you looked a lot haggard now.” Wang Yi said in a deeply affectionate voice.

Nonsense, this brother eats well and sleeps well every night. Where do you see me look haggard? I obviously look radiant right now. I’m not carrying this blame[3]! Ye Huai criticized.

“I’m alright.” Ye Huai said.

“You look so thin, how can you be alright?”, Wang Yi couldn’t wait to rush to him and rescue him from Yu Xinze’s clutches.

“Thin?” Ye Huai looked at him strangely. He pinched his face. It’s very soft.

“Ah Qing, where are you right now? I’ll take you away, okay?”Wang Yi said again.

Ye Huai didn’t answer him. Brother, are you kidding me? If you take me away, who’s going to help me complete the task?”

Wang Yi began to persuade him with sentimentality. He recalled their times together when they were in university. Ye Huai simply laid down and listened to the novel. Occasionally, he voiced out a hum.

Just as Wang Yi got on the emotional part, the house door opened.

When Yu Xinze came in, he coincidentally heard another man talking affectionately to his precious baby.

Megane: I’m rolling on the floor, laughing. Wang Yi is so blind XD. I don’t have a schedule but I will be working on this every weekend (except for when I have exams or projects to submit).

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[1]Xiao Qing – Little Qing. It’s Yu Xinze’s nickname for him.

[2]”I bought a watch last year” – “我去年买了个表” with the abbreviation of WQNMLGB. It is the most commonly used internet chinese swear word.

[3] “I do not back this pot!” – this makes me remember another BL novel(I’m not shouldering this blame).

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