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Chapter 10: The President’s Personal Assistant(10)

“Ah Qing, I’ve liked you for many years. Come with me, okay?”

The person on the other end of the video call said this. When Yu Xinze opened the door, he heard such words. A dreadful anger surged up in an instant.

“What are you doing?”, Yu Xinze used his remaining reason to close the door. He strode over to Ye Huai who was on the sofa.

When Wang Yi saw Yu Xinze, he hurriedly wanted to talk but was cut off by Ye Huai’s eyes and closed the video call.

Yu Xinze pressed Ye Huai down on the sofa. He took the phone from him, and the phone hit the wall with a bang.

“Yu Zong [1], listen……”, Ye Huai didn’t get to finish his words when Yu Xinze bit his lips and kissed him crazily.

Ye Huai tried to resist twice but Yu Xinze steeled his heart to do him. Ye Huai wanted to interrupt but was too late as his clothes were quickly taken off. Ye Xinze directly took off his pants and went to attack and seize territory.

While Ye Huai was stunned, he heard Yu Xinze whisper a command in his ear, “Tell me you’re mine.”

“Ah…… You’re mine……” Ye Huai was already muddle-headed. He repeatedly groaned.

“Say it again. Say you’re mine.”, Yu Xinze severely grabbed his arms, turning them red. He called the other’s mind back and ordered again.

Ye Huai gasped and cried loudly. Finally, he intermittently said the words Yu Xinze wanted to hear.

“Keep saying it, don’t stop.”, Yu Xinze vigorously thrust into the person under him, enjoying his look of confusion. He raised Ye Huai’s hips higher and attacked more aggressively.

“Ah…… I’m yours…… I’m…… Hn~…… yours…… I am……yours……” Ye Huai was forced to say this over and over again to the point he was left in a trance by Yu Xinze, still repeating it unconsciously even as he curled his thin legs up on the bed.

Yu Xinze walked out from the shower. He sat on the bed half-naked and embraced Ye Huai and looked at him.

Ye Huai had passed out. His body had not yet been cleaned up. Because of the intense movement earlier, his two legs were still faintly spasming. There were deep and shallow traces left by Yu Xinze all over his body. Even his calves weren’t spared.

Yu Xinze turned him over and admired the thick fluid overflowing from behind him. The liquid was streaming down in a line.

“You are mine.”

Yu Xinze whispered in the dark bedroom. Then he carried Ye Huai’s body to the bathroom to clean his body.

The next evening, Ye Huai finally opened his eyes with great difficulty. He tried to move but found himself being tightly hugged in someone’s arms.

He looked at the color of the pajamas and quickly realised that it was Yu Xinze.

“Are you awake?” Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai looked up at him. Yu Xinze was really scary last night. He was still a little sluggish now.

“I’m going out tonight to socialize. Your dinner is in the living room. You eat by yourself.”, Yu Xinze let go of him and stood up.

Ye Huai found out that while he was wearing pajamas on top, he was wearing suit pants. It looked like he came back for a moment to take a nap. After changing his clothes, Yu Xinze looked at him and said, “You’re not allowed to leave here. You’re also not allowed to contact anyone from outside. I will come back after the party. You’re not allowed to open the door for anyone except me.”

Ye Huai shrunk his neck. Yu Xinze’s abs are still very charming but this kind of fierce look in his eyes was like wanting to possess him.

“Yes, Yu Zong.” He replied cautiously.

Ye Huai struggled to get up. When he finally got up, he found himself tied up with a red band. The other end of the red band was attached to the bed.

“You can’t untie this band, so you don’t have to waste your time and energy trying.”, Yu Xinze said. “Stay at home. If you still toss around, I will hang you up directly.”

Ye Huai’s complexion went pale. He didn’t dare to untie the red band again.

Yu Xinze tied his necktie, took a final look at him and finally went out to socialize.

“Xiao Lingling, are you there?” Ye Huai went to the bathroom, holding his sore waist. The red band was still tied to his wrist as it trailed behind him to the bathroom.

520: “I’m here.”

Ye Huai: “What did Zeze do while I was sleeping?”

520: “He kissed you from head to toe and tied you with that red thing.” It was too hot for my eyes.

Ye Huai: “Can you untie this thing?”

520: “I can’t”

Ye Huai pulled on the red silk and feebly moved to the shower room to wash up.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, what do you think of Yu Xinze’s blackening?

520: “Ah…… It’s a nice disgusting call.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t worry, you will always be my dearest Xiao Lingling, mwah!”

520: “Ou[2]”

Ye Huai: “Tell me, what happened to him?”

520: “Probably jealousy?” I don’t understand your feelings, humans.

Ye Huai: “Jealousy ah, it seems that he likes me very much. I wonder what happened to the lawsuit against He.”

520: “He did that to you. You’re not angry?”

Ye Huai: “Ouyang Qing will probably be angry but I won’t be. This brother likes this undisguised possessive desire the most. It is much better than some men who just run after being squeezed.”

520: “……It’s actually because he’s doing a good job, isn’t it?”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling is really getting smarter. I’ll give you a small red flower.”

520; “……”

Ye Huai finished taking a shower and sat down at the table. He began looking at his dinner. A variety of food was on the table. There was porridge with stir-fried vegetables and nourishing soup, from three different restaurants respectively. It seemed that Yu Xinze prepared this food in the morning but didn’t expect him to wake up at this time instead.

Ye Huai picked up the packing box for the porridge. The temperature was just right. It should’ve been hot just now. In his mind, he told 520, “Our family’s Zeze is really sweet.”

520: As an outstanding system, I must know how to ignore my host’s idle chatting.

520: “……While you were sleeping, Yu Xinze left the house. He found a lawyer to discuss the lawsuit against He Luo.”

Ye Huai: “This is a two-pronged approach. While going through the formal judicial process, we use public opinion to put pressure to achieve fair results.”

520: “He Luo’s company have been accused before but the plaintiff never won.”

Ye Huai: “Well, I know. It’s because he has people in the judicial system.”

520: “Then, what are we supposed to do?”

Ye Huai: “I can’t go out of the door now. I can only pray that everything goes well on Yu Xinze’s side.” After Ye Huai has eaten his fill, he went back to bed, ready to sleep again.

520: “Hey hey hey, come on, be serious. This matter is related to the completion of your task. In case Yu Xinze wasn’t successful, what are you going to do? If you didn’t complete the task, you won’t get any hero points! Hey, don’t sleep!”

Ye Huai: “Don’t make a noise, my back aches.”

No matter how much 520 nagged, for the life of Ye Huai, he didn’t move an inch. Every day, Yu Xinze will prepare a good meal compiled from various restaurants. The variety included Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Yangzhou cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine, etc. He let Ye Huai choose the dishes.

As long as Ye Huai persisted on exercising using the fitness equipment every day, there’s no way he would get fat.

“If you have a lot of meat in your body, you will feel more comfortable to hug.” One day, Yu Xinze said this on his ear after he finished pinching Ye Huai’s soft belly.

But I’m not happy, what face can a man have in the world if he doesn’t have abs! Ye Huai bitterly shed tears, staring jealously at Yu Xinze’s strong abdominal muscles. Obviously, he eats and drinks every day too, why didn’t he get fat?

Yu Xinze suddenly kissed him with a smack. The previous time when he tied up his wrists, he also took away his phone and computer. Now, Ye Huai stays in the house every day and couldn’t go out. Whenever Yu Xinze sees him when he comes home, his heart feels satisfied.

The only bad thing was that his baby is still mad at him and had not spoken to him in two weeks.

Although he used to say a few words in the past, in these two weeks, he didn’t say even a single word. The exception was when they are in bed. Every time he got dazed and confused, he would say a word or two. So Yu Xinze, to be able to hear more, consequently became more aggressive in bed.

Whenever Ye Huai was on the bed, he thought that this trick of not talking because of anger is not that effective. Yu Xinze was getting more and more skilled in bed. His tricks were done one after another, making him unable to tell north from the south every day.

Ye Huai: “This life is wonderful except I can’t say anything..”

520: “Hurry up and ask him about the lawsuit!”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, you’ve been nagging about this for two weeks. Are you on menopause?”

520: “Scram! You better ask Yu Xinze about the progress against He Luo! Hurry up!”

Ye Huai: “Can’t you see it?”

520: “……” It really doesn’t understand the way of the human world. It is too complicated to see and understand it, why would he say that?

Ye Huai: “Oh well, this brother will satisfy your little wish.”

520: “I have an MMP[3] here, I don’t know if I should give it to you.”

“Yu Zong.”, Ye Huai called him loudly while he laid beside Yu Xinze.

Yu Xinze thought that he had an ear problem. Did his Xiao Qing really call him? “Xiao Qing, did you speak?” Yu Xinze embraced him in his arms. He was so excited that he didn’t know what to do.

“That…… I……” Ye Huai stammered.

“There’s no hurry, say it slowly. Tell me slowly, what do you want?” As long as Xiao Qing doesn’t leave him, he (Yu Xinze) will give everything to him.

“I want to ask, He Luo……”, Ye Huai said.

Yu Xinze, who was full of enthusiasm, became angry immediately. After not talking to him for two weeks, His Xiao Qing’s first sentence to him was actually to ask about another man?

“That…… the lawsuit, is it difficult to win?”, Ye Huai also said that. His eyes were teary as he glanced at Yu Xinze from time to time, only to quickly look away again. When Yu Xinze saw this, the bottom of his heart suddenly felt itchy.

“Are you worried about the lawsuit? Or are you worried that I’m fighting hard on the lawsuit for you?”

The progress of the lawsuit was actually very smooth but it was very rare for Yu Xinze to talk to Ye Huai so he made up his mind to take advantage of it.

“I’m worried.“, Ye Huai said.

Yu Xinze listened to him. His eyes were red. He kissed Ye Huai’s lips until his face turned red before he let him go. He said, “We’ve submitted the evidence to the court and we are just waiting for further trial. The upper level of A City has just undergone mobilization. He Luo’s relationship with Xiao family isn’t too stable, greatly reducing their sphere of influence.”

Ye Huai nodded. He didn’t have any contact with economic disputes cases but he also knew that it generally takes a few months to get a verdict. Since Yu Xinze said that it went well, then there shouldn’t be any big problems.

When Yu Xinze finished saying that, he also wanted to comfort Ye Huai with his words so that he would not be worried. But when he looked down, Ye Huai had already fallen asleep in his arms.

Yu Xinze adjusted his posture to make him sleep more comfortably. Then, he took out his mobile phone to send a message to Lu Tezhu.

Yu Xinze: I will meet the man tomorrow. He can decide the place. But I must meet him personally.

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[1] Yu Zong –  respectful way of calling Yu Xinze. Zong is usually said after the surname. It means head, general or chief.

[2] “Ou” – Chinese onomatopoeia for vomiting. (Should I just type “blergh”?)

[3] MMP – I don’t know what this is. I’m guessing that it is the French anti-tank missile

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