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Chapter 11: The President’s Personal Assistant (11)

When Ye Huai woke up, Yu Xinze had already gone out. Ye Huai rolled out of bed and took a bath. He decided to go to the gym for a while.

He just moved twice when the doorbell rang.

Ye Huai went to open the door. It is Lu Tezhu[1].

“Mr. Ouyang, Yu Zong told me to deliver breakfast to you.” Lu Tezhu said. He was carrying two large packs which maintained the freshness of food inside.

Recently, Yu Xinze always supervises him during mealtimes. How come Yu Xinze didn’t come back today? Ye Huai had some doubts.

“Thank you, where’s Yu Zong?” Ye Huai inferred. His face blushing a faint pink.

“Yu Zong has something to do today so he can’t come.”, Lu Tezhu replied.

“That…… Lu Tezhu, can I borrow your phone? I want to call Yu Zong.” Ye Huai said.

Lu Tezhu looked conflicted, “Yu Zong went to talk about a very important project today. I’m afraid it’s not convenient for him to answer the phone.”

Ye Huai’s heart had more doubts. Yu Xinze always looked forward to talking with him. What important thing is he doing that it wouldn’t be convenient for him to answer the phone?

“Then, I’ll send him a text message.” Ye Huai said, “Yu Zong had a little cold last night. I’m worried about him.”

Lu Tezhu was helpless. He handed the phone to Ye Huai, who took it and hid. He typed a lot of words and sent a long text message. After deleting the communication record, he returned the phone to Lu Tezhu while blushing.

Lu Tezhu opened the communication record and saw that Ye Huai’s message was deleted. He was worried but when he saw the faint blush on Ye Huai’s face and he understood.

‘Yu Zong is really attractive’, Lu Tezhu thought.

“I’ll be busy in the afternoon. So breakfast and lunch are included here. Yu Zong said that he will come back for dinner later.” Lu Tezhu explained and politely said goodbye before leaving.

After Lu Tezhu left, 520 came out and couldn’t wait to ask, “Did you just send a text message to Wang Yi?”

Ye Huai: “Well, I need to go out and I need his help.”

520: “If Yu Xinze finds out about it, he will kill you.”

Ye Huai: “If he’s still alive.”

520: “What happened to him?”

Ye Huai: “Earlier, Lu Tezhu made up excuses for him. Yu Xinze is definitely doing something he didn’t want me to know.”

520: “How did you know?”

Ye Huai: “Otherwise, why will Yu Xinze let go of the opportunity to supervise my meal and take advantage?”

520: “……”

Ye Huai: “Can you see where he went?”

520: “He’s still in the company. He looks like he’s about to go out.”

Ye Huai: “Sure enough, I’m guessing that he’s going to see He Luo.”

520: “Huh?”

Ye Huai: “What’s happening now?”

520: “Yu Xinze and He Luo appear to be going to the same destination. He Luo seems to be bringing some people.”

Ye Huai: “Damn, do you know where they’re going?

520: “An abandoned building in the suburbs.”

A map immediately appeared in Ye Huai’s mind. It clearly showed the coordinates table of the two groups’ destination and their current location.

Ye Huai walked around the room in circles. When he saw that Lu Tezhu seems wrong, his first reaction was to think that Yu Xinze was going to meet He Luo. Who the hell is He Luo? His moral integrity can reach the sky.

Even if he washes white, the rogue’s way of thinking will not change. Yu Xinze may be talented in business but this kind of trick may not necessarily work on He Luo.

Therefore, he asked to borrow Lu Tezhu’s phone and found Wang Yi’s phone number on his phone. Lu Tezhu is Yu Xinze’s most trusted person. When he looked for Wang Yi and An Qi, he must’ve handed the matter to him so he must have their number.

Ye Huai sent a text message to Wang Yi about his current condition. He wanted him to bring tools and he expressed his desire to escape. He also gave him the address here to make him come over and told him not to reply.

The band on Ye Huai’s wrist is made using unique materials in the world. It is flexible and invulnerable. Only certain tools can untie it. Therefore, he must wait for Wang Yi to bring over the tools.

He’s done what he could do. The next step is to place his bet on Wang Yi, wishing he doesn’t change his mind so quickly. And his action was astonishing.

Through his previous contacts and Ouyang Qing’s memories, Ye Huai believed that Wang Yi will not disappoint him.

As expected, two minutes later, his home’s security entrance rang. The security guard below said that he had his express delivery.

“Yes, it’s mine. It’s inconvenient for me to come down now so let him come up.” Ye Huai reasoned. After he hanged up, he paced back and forth in front of the door. His heart thumped so fast. He was more nervous than when he first stood in front of an operating table.

“Ah Qing?” After Wang came up, he shouted outside the door.

Almost at the same time, Ye Huai opened the door, “You’re finally here.”

In a glance, Wang Yi noticed the red band tied on his wrist, “Yu Xinze is a beast!” He cursed and brought the tools wrapped in an express delivery box and closed the door.

After entering the house, Wang Yi hugged Ye Huai, “Don’t be afraid, I will take you away immediately.”

“Hm, help me untie this first.” Ye Huai said and lifted up his tied up wrist. He let him untie it.

Wang Yi took out the tools he brought and quickly helped Ye Huai untie the band. Ye Huai entered the house and changed his clothes. He took some money and went out.

Wang Yi pulled him, “Where are you going?”

“Come with me.” Ye Huai knows that he can’t get rid of Wang Yi and simply pulled him into the elevator.

520: “Yu Xinze had already set off. He Luo is also on the way.”

In the elevator, Ye Huai didn’t say anything. His lips are solemnly pursed. Wang Yi didn’t dare to make a sound.

Ye Huai hurriedly communicated with 520 in his mind, “How many people did He Luo bring? What about Yu Xinze?

520: “He Luo brought more than a dozen people. Yu Xinze only brought Lu Tezhu and two bodyguards.”

Ye Huai’s heart is filled with intermittent fear. How can Yu Xinze be so careless? He is now filing a lawsuit against He Luo. How do you still think of bringing only a few people to meet the other person?

Ye Huai went downstairs. This apartment is not in the city center but in a relatively isolated high-end residential area. The road outside is very quiet, without any taxi in sight.

“Did you drive here?” Ye Huai asked Wang Yi.

“It’s opened over there!” Wang Yi pointed to where he parked, “Ah Qing, can you tell me where you want to go?”

Ye Huai’s brain quickly turned, he said, “I’m going to save Yu Xinze.”

“No.” Wang Yi stopped him without thinking.

“I have to go.” Ye Huai didn’t give up.

Wang Yi blocked the door to his car, and stopped Ye Huai’s movement, “He did this to you. You don’t have to save him.”

“He filed a lawsuit for us.” Ye Huai argued, “This game is all of our hard work. He can make a name for us. He must not have an accident.”

Wang Yi’s heart is hot. He always thought that Ouyang Qing is under Yu Xinze’s control. He didn’t expect that he thought of the game that they made together.

“Okay.” he consented, “I’ll take you there. But you must promise me that you won’t let yourself fall into danger.”

“I know.” Ye Huai, it’d be a wonder if…

Wang Yi opened the door and let Ye Huai sit inside. Then, he started the car, “Where are we going?”

Ye Huai told him the name of the road according to the map 520 gave him.

Ye Huai was very quiet along the way. Wang Yi talked to him a few times but he didn’t get any response. As he drove, he stretched out his right hand to hold Ye Huai’s left hand. He comforted him, “It’s alright, Yu Xinze is not so stupid.”

Wang Yi doesn’t know what happened. He only knew that Yu Xinze is doing something a little more risky and that Ye Huai is just a little too worried.

Ye Huai looked at him and reluctantly squeezed out a smile. In his mind, he talks to 520, “ Do you think that when He Luo see Yu Xinze, he will come up and attack him?”

Ye Huai observed Wang Yi a few times. He couldn’t say that he is friendly to Yu Xinze.

520: “…… I don’t think so.”

Ye Huai: “Has Yu Xinze arrived?”

520: “He Luo has arrived, but they didn’t come in. Only one man did.”

Ye Huai: “A man? Who is it?”

520: “It seems to be He Luo’s company’s financial advisor? He seems to be afraid of He Luo, he’s putting on a crying face.

Ye Huai: “Finance? …… Yu Xinze?

520: “Yu Xinze is still on the road, he’s talking to Lu Tezhu something about a ledger.”

Ye Huai: “I knew it! He Luo is using his company to make a financial trap to lure Yu Xinze out.”

520: “Financial? Trap? The world of you humans is so complicated……”

Ye Huai: “Hey Xiao Lingling, your ability (to think) is too simple! He Luo must’ve used a shady ledger to turned black and white to confuse those senior officials. The records mentioned must’ve been transactions that shouldn’t be exposed to light. The evidence of these is usually found in finance.”

520: “Ignore the words I said. Host, your wisdom makes me hold you greatly in high esteem!”

Ye Huai: “This brother’s wisdom is endless.”

520: “But why do I feel that this plot is very familiar? It’s like…… the brain-dead idol drama you watched last week?”

Ye Huai: “Eh…… It’s a coincidence, coincidence.”

520: “……” I feel like my pure heart has been hit again.

Ye Huai: “Don’t be lazy. Can you go and see what He Luo is doing again?”

520: “Let me take a look…… Aiya, not good, not good! He Luo, they took out a gun!”

“Wang Yi, lend me your phone.” Ye Huai said.

Wang Yi saw Ye Huai’s dignified look. Without saying anything further, he conveniently handed over his phone.

“Call the police.” Ye Huai said.

Wang Yi slammed on the brakes. He parked the car in the emergency parking lane by the side of the road.

“Call the police? What the hell di Yu Xinze do?”

Ye Huai signaled him to keep quiet. Then he reported to the police that there is a fight in the abandoned building. He also told them that the other side has a gun and made them come immediately.

520: “Yu Xinze arrived.”

He just hanged up the phone when 520 shouted at him, “Yu Xinze entered!”

Megane: I just want to remind the readers that the translations here aren’t 100% accurate but I assure you that I try my best to get the meaning across. If there are any mistakes and/or wrong words translated, please tell me. Although it’s written in every chapter that it is unedited, I self-edit it but I’m not confident with my edits so I still need an editor.

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[1]Lu Tezhu – I realized just now that “Lu Tezhu” can also mean “Special Assistant Lu”. The previous translator named him Lu Tezhu so I assumed that was his name. Now I’m not sure if it is his name or if it is his title. It may be a joke made by the author.

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