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Chapter 12: The President’s Personal Assistant (12)

Wang Yi’s car stopped in front of the abandoned building and the police have also arrived.

520: “He Luo’s people have also entered. Yu Xinze is now surrounded. He Luo himself is in the car behind the building.”

“Follow me!” Ye Huai heard what 520 said and asked it to immediately show the floor plan of the whole building in his mind. The police tried to block him but they were resolutely shaken by his determined aura. Ye Huai rushed into the building first.

The police captain waved, leaving some people to be in charge of standing guard. The rest filed in. Wang Yi followed behind them.


Ten minutes before Ye Huai arrived, Yu Xinze with special assistant Lu Tezhu and two bodyguards entered the building.

“Yu Zong, this is an office building which stopped in the middle of construction. It’s because their funds got cut off so it was left unfinished and abandoned.” Lu Tezhu said, “The person we’re going to meet is on the third floor of the building.”

Yu Xinze stood in front of the incomplete building, took the safety helmet that Lu Tezhu prepared for him. He looked up to size up the entirety of the building. He had an impression of this project. At that time, He Luo hasn’t divorced his ex-wife yet. There was a rumor that He Luo and his former in-laws participated in this project. When He Luo and his former in-laws broke off, they took out their funding. The bank also took the chance to see the wind and set the helm(to act pragmatically), causing the funding of the business company to be cut off. It resulted in the building becoming incomplete.

“Let’s go up.” Yu Xinze went first.

Two days ago, a financial director of He Luo’s company called Lu Tezhu, saying that he knew He Luo’s secret. He said that He Luo intends to kill him. He could only bring evidence to Yu Xinze and gave the condition that Yu Xinze must protect him from the sanctions of the law.

When Yu Xinze heard this, he didn’t express his opinion. He sent someone to investigate this person’s information. He also let Lu Tezhu contact him further and finally decided to meet here this afternoon.

Yu Xinze’s business wants to grow further but He Luo is now his direct rival competitor. Now, information that can be used against his rival is in front of him. He had no reason to go for it.

Yu Xinze stepped over the scattered steel bars on the ground and climbed up the stairs without handrails. A middle-aged man in a suit is standing there, waiting.

The middle-aged man’s suit is wrinkled. His necktie was untied and was casually stuffed into his pocket, revealing a coin. The two top buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. When he saw Yu Xinze, he unconsciously pulled on his shirt collar.

“Yu Zong.” The man went forward to meet him. He uneasily swept his eyes to them. He first looked at Yu Xinze, then he looked at Lu Tezhu. Finally, he swept his eyes at the two grim-looking bodyguards behind him.

“Did you bring it?” Yu Xinze went straight to the topic. He already let a police captain he’s familiar with to hide in the vicinity. He also called the prosecutor’s office. In case He Luo brings people over, he will take the opportunity to wipe him out.

He Luo has an underworld background. Yu Xinze doesn’t compete with him by force.

“Bring…… I brought it.” The man wiped his sweaty forehead and took out the crumpled book in his arms, “This is the book I’m talking about. He Luo’s criminal evidence is in here.”

Yu Xinze didn’t speak. He raised his chin and Lu Tezhu went forward to take the ledger.

But when Lu Tezhu went forward, the man immediately hid the book into his arms, “Don’t come over, you must first take me to a safe place to protect me. Otherwise, I won’t give you this ledger.”

“Impossible, I must verify if the ledger is genuine. If not, we will not help you.” Yu Xinze said.

Yu Xinze thought for a moment and was about to talk when Yu Xinze was suddenly held hostage with one hand was on his chin. The two bodyguards behind him were also held by several big men.

“You…… You!” The man was scared stiff on the ground. He recognized that these men are He Luo’s confidants. They are Wu Huan and his men. Lu Tezhu also didn’t have enough time to react. He was also pressed to the ground and he found that his phone was thrown far away.

“Yu Zong, this is our business. You don’t have to worry about it.” Wu Huan fished out Yu Xinze’s phone. He threw it and shot his gun.

The bullet shot out. It didn’t give any sound but it shot through the phone.

The middle-aged man saw that the situation isn’t good and hurriedly tried to rush to the edge of the floor, attempting to jump off the building. One of Wu Huan’s men shot his right leg and he crumpled to the ground.

The middle-aged man held his right calf and howled in pain. From the back, someone ran up to the third floor and reported to He Luo, “The cops are here!”

Wu Huan was alarmed, “Immediately notify He Zong.” In his astonishment, the strength of his hand went loose. Yu Xinze took this opportunity to escape.

Yu Xinze skillfully grabbed the gun in his arms, held his shoulders and pointed the gun to his head, “Let my people go.”

“Yu Zong, the police are on their way. You won’t dare shoot.” Wu Huan was pressed on the ground by Yu Xinze using his knee. The gun is against his temple but he remained calm.

“Save…… Save me!” The middle-aged man begged when he heard the police. Despite his injured leg, he climbed to the edge of the floor and dragged his wounded leg across the ground leaving a trail of blood.

“Peng! Peng!” Two bullets hit the ground in front of him. He was so scared that he retracted his hand. Wu Huan’s men rushed to him and pressed him to the ground. Then, they took the ledger from his hands, “Boss Wu, we got it.”

“Let’s leave quickly.” Wu Huan just ordered when suddenly, a gunshot was heard. The guard he left downstairs is clashing against the police.

Wu Huan began to fiercely struggle and his men were entangled with the people Yu Xinze brought over. There was no time for them to send help. Even Lu Tezhu scrambled to fight the people who held him just to buy Yu Xinze time.

520: “Yu Xinze seems to be in trouble over there.”

Ye Huai: “I know.”

Ye Huai hid behind the obstacles lying around. He Luo’s men and the police are having a gunfight in the middle of the second floor and at the stairs leading to the third floor. Ye Huai watched the scene of bullets flying everywhere. Despite his psychological quality being tough, he still couldn’t help but shiver at the sight.

What’s the big deal about being the president’s personal assistant? For what reason did you go to participate in a shootout!

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, do you have a bulletproof vest? I can’t get through this ah.”

520: “I can’t. My level is not enough.”

Ye Huai inhaled the turbid gas into his chest. After breathing in, he hid is the obstacle and tried to calm his nerves. He must quickly get in touch with Yu Xinze. The two sides must cooperate to fight a victorious battle.

“One.” Ye Huai softly uttered.

520: “What are you planning to do?”

Ye Huai: “Two.”

520: “Hey hey hey, it’s dangerous here ah! You should not rush out.”

Ye Huai: “If you are there, I will not die, right?”

520: “Yes, but you will also get hurt!”

Ye Huai: “Three!”

Ye Huai rushed out. He came out of the obstacle and he immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. He followed the gaps he had just seen and ran to the stairs leading to the third floor.

“Cover Mr. Ouyang!” This is said by the police officers.

“Shoot that person!” This is said by the gangsters.

A burst of chaotic gunshots sounded. Ye Huai couldn’t distinguish from which direction the bullets come from. He only stared at the stairs and used his fastest speed to rush up.

520: “Ah ah ah ah ah, you’re insane ah! Hurry up, hurry up! I can’t hold it any longer!”

Ye Huai, with 520 screaming in his ear, finally rushed up the stairs. There are several policemen who broke through with him and rushed up the stairs.

520: “You really rushed up! Do you know that changing the trajectory of the bullets consumes energy a lot!”

Ye Huai: “Didn’t you achieve it? I know that I’m going to be alright with you.”
520: “No no, I can’t play like that anymore. I have to go sleep.”

There’s no time for Ye Huai to reply. He immediately rushed up the stairs with the police officers. Together with Yu Xinze’s bodyguards, they launched an attack on the six men.

“Come, help me!” Lu Tezhu saw that the situation has changed and also displayed a surprised expression. He took the man to the stairs to drive him away. Quite soon, he handed him over to the bodyguard.

Lu Tezhu’s body is wounded all over. He immediately walked towards Ye Huai after seeing him.

“Did you bring your phone with you?” Lu Tezhu asked.

“I haven’t.” Ye Huai replied.

“Use mine.” Wang Yi just rushed up. A moment ago, when he saw Ye Huai rush into the rain of bullets, his heart almost stopped.

Lu Tezhu took the phone and called the police that was waiting for ambush nearby. “Team (leader) Wang, the other side has a gun. We need backup.”

The people below gradually began to rush up. Some people came over to take Wu Huan from Yu Xinze’s hands. Yu Xinze finally escaped. He dodged a stray bullet, hid behind Ye Huai’s cover, and pressed him against the wall.

“What are you doing here? I told you not to leave the house!” Yu Xinze shouted angrily. Heaven knows that he almost forgot to breathe when he saw Ye Huai.

“Did you get hurt?” After Yu Xinze’s roaring end, he began to grope around Ye Huai’s body.

“I didn’t.” Ye Huai pushed him, “There are people……”

Wang Yi stood beside them. His face is black while watching Yu Xinze take advantage of Ye Huai.

When he saw Ye Huai rush up, he finally realized that Ye Huai has feelings for Yu Xinze. Not only did he rely on him to file a lawsuit, he’s really worried about him.

Wang Yi turned around. He didn’t want to see the interaction between the two people. The sound of sirens came from downstairs. More police immediately rushed up and surrounded Wu Huan and his men.

Yu Xinze led Ye Huai to go out. He Luo’s people are sent to be restrained. The ledger also fell into the hands of the prosecutor’s office.

“Where is He Luo?” Yu Xinze asked.

Wu Huan didn’t answer. He glared at him viciously. On his peripheral vision, he saw him interlocking his hands with Ye Huai

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it. He will pay the price sooner or later.” Yu Xinze said.

“Yu Xinze, you also won’t have an easy time.” His voice hasn’t fallen yet when he suddenly jumped and grabbed the police officer’s gun from the side. He shot a bullet to Yu Xinze.

“Don’t……”Yu Xinze hasn’t reacted yet when someone blocked in front of him and strongly pushed him away.

Ye Huai’s back was shot. He fell into Yu Xinze’s embrace, blood gushing out.

Several police officers swarmed and held Wu Huan. Someone called the ambulance. The sound of whistling came from afar before quickly approaching them.

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