Chapter 1: Bullying


The atmosphere was stagnant in a way that made it extremely difficult to breathe.


In this extremely difficult situation, Yan Mu Lin still opened his eyes. He was then met with several unfamiliar faces. He had expected for them to be charmed or envious, but their young faces were all filled with ridicule. This made him sober up.


He was supposed to be dead because of that accident, but he was awake and not in a hospital. These people were not any of his colleagues. They were too young.


Thinking fast, Yan Mu Lin tried to cry out the words he wanted to say the most: “Let go, I can’t breathe!”


After he spoke, the people around him moved back.


Yan Mu Lin breathed heavily, oxygen rushing back to his chest. He would probably never forget this feeling in this lifetime.


He currently did not have the time to reflect on this abrupt resurrection.


A boy in a dark blue Western school uniform crouched down and patted Yan Mu Lin’s face and sneered, “Yan Mu Lin, you just got inside a recording booth, but you actually fainted? Why must you keep following me with your antagonizing voice? Can you stop dreaming? Did you think that after entering Huaxia’s Imperial Media College, you can get into the Sheng family? Stop chasing a pipe dream, you moron. You’re just a disgusting bastard who is as embarrassing as your actress mom.”


If Yan Mu Lin was able to endure this kind of verbal abuse, then he would not have been able to receive the Best Male CV award. He would not have become a CV of a national TV station, or received any of his awards.

Yan Mu Lin used every bit of his strength to slap away the other person’s hand.



The sound of two palms hitting each other was distinct. The expressions of the people surrounding him slowly changed.


The boy who previously mocked him was stunned. He gave Yan Mu Lin a glare, “You dare! You dare resist and do this to me!”


Yan Mu Lin was not interested in the reaction of this amusing monkey. He propped himself up with his palms, not wanting to rely on those pigs. He has his pride and self-respect.


He wiped his hands on the boy’s school uniform, and looked at him condescendingly, “Why wouldn’t I dare?”


The fool looked as if he wanted to point at Yan Mu Lin’s nose and scream at him.


Sheng Xia Xiao, who was unwilling to be looked down upon by the person he always bullied, stood up. He could still feel the burning sensation on his hand, it was as hot as his face.


For the first time, Yan Mu Lin had challenged his authority!


Yan Mu Lin, he actually dared to resist!


Sheng Xia Xiao’s response was to immediately grab Yan Mu Lin’s collar and shout angrily, “Yan Mu Lin, you really dare. Be careful, or you won’t be able to study here anymore!”


Yan Mu Lin, who was carried by the collar, gave a sarcastic smile and calmly stated, “Can you really? Let go.”


The two faced each other, their eyes meeting half way. Sheng Xia Xiao froze when he saw Yan Mu Lin’s cold and indifferent eyes. He instinctively wanted to let go of him. For the sake of his face, he did not let go and had instead raised another hand to hit Yan Mu Lin’s chin.


Yan Mu Lin was not stupid. Naturally, he was prepared. If Sheng Xia Xiao swung his hand, he would use his left hand to defend while holding onto Sheng Xia  Xiao’s wrist. He held it tight enough for it to hurt. Because of this, Sheng Xia Xiao’s grip was loosened. What Yan Mu Lin did made Sheng Xia Xiao angrier.


Towards this unthinkable situation, Sheng Xia Xiao was at a loss.


For the sake of his face, Sheng Xia Xiao took a step back and ordered the people to grab Yan Mu Lin.


As if preparing for a difficult battle, Yan Mu Lin got into a defensive pose instinctively.


But then, someone he did not know yelled, “The teacher is coming!”


Because of this yell, the recording studio immediately turned silent. Yan Mu Lin’s eyes narrowed. He did not relax his position.


The teacher came, it was really true. The only door in the room opened, revealing a young man with black spectacles. With a meticulous look, he glanced around and immediately understood what was going on.


The young teacher did not question them as they were all adults. It was unlikely for him to coddle them—the competition in the voice acting industry was very fierce. They might not be aware of it as they were not completely part of the circle, but it was really cruel.


He pushed his glasses up and said, “Have you recorded the advertisement’s voiceover? I don’t care which family you belong to, but if you can’t finish the assignment I gave you then you won’t be getting your diploma. Don’t blame this teacher for being ruthless! Just so you know, the issued assignment is for Earl Watch, and they need it now!”


Inside the recording studio, all the students who heard “Earl Watch” got excited. Even Sheng Xia Xiao, who had been angered by Yan Mu Lin, lost his arrogant disposition.


As the teacher calmed the atmosphere down, Yan Mu Lin took the opportunity to size up the place.It was familiar yet strange. Familiar because it was a recording studio, and strange since it was a studio he did not recognize. All the studios he have entered were all relatively small, and had no air-conditioning. It was extremely cold in the winter, and hot in the summer. A 9 AM to 5 PM working hours was a luxury. In order to avoid morning and evening traffic, he usually started from 12 PM to 12 AM, which was extremely arduous.


Yan Mu Lin worked in that narrow and stuffy space for almost 15 years before he achieved anything.


Why did I have to experience so many setbacks just to succeed? It was a pity I could not even enjoy my success, suddenly appearing here after an accident. Were the Heavens playing with me?


In here, there were a lot of advanced equipment that he could not name, but if he compared it to the professional high-end recording studios he had been to, they were pretty similar.


Looking once again, the layout here was more professional. The air conditioner had no sound, and the room temperature adjusted automatically.


A school with this kind of equipment and capability, Yan Mu Lin did not dare imagine what kind of school he was in. In any case, he would not let that boy drive him away from this school.


That guy’s bearing was too unbridled and his conduct was too excessive. He could not even hide his emotions. What a spoiled child. He was too impulsive and could not think of complex matters.


For the time being, he should continue observing. Of course, if that person did something that crossed the line, he would not be lenient.


It was important to know that the situation in the voice acting industry was really complicated, and they refused to acknowledge newcomers. Yan Mu Lin who experienced all of this, already had great mental capability. He could surely take on whatever was thrown at him,  one by one.


When the teacher mentioned the Earl Watch advertisement, he was also interested.


However, just a moment ago, he received the current body’s memories so he was a little shocked. His current status, he could not say that it was miserable, but it also could not be considered fortunate.


As Sheng Xia Xiao said, his mother really was an actress, but she was not Father Sheng’s lover. If they did have a relationship, it was before Yan Mu Lin was born, and even that was something unexpected. As for what happened, Yan Mu Lin did not know. There wasn’t a lot mentioned in his memories, and it seems that his relationship with his mother wasn’t that good.


His current school was Huaxia’s Imperial Media College. It would actually be better to talk about his current world.


Just like Yan Mu Lin’s original world, the World War I and World War II happened, but there were changes to history. The weak Qing government did not have problems with its royal court. Huaxia was only involved in World War II. During World War I, Huaxia improved its science and technology, pushing it to the forefront of the world. The anti-fascist war still occurred, with Huaxia as one of the victors. Right now, only the States could rival Huaxia.


History did not follow its original course. Yan Mu Lin was both happy and worried. He had to re-adapt to a new environment, both man-made and natural.


When the teacher came in, he saw Yan Mu Lin being bullied by Sheng Xia Xiao. To avoid this kind of situation happening again in his class, the teacher decided to keep his students’ focus on the recording of the advertisement’s voiceover. He also wanted to test the levels of these children after a year of studying.


That’s right, the current Yan Mu Lin was a second-year college student whose major was broadcasting. He was not a freshman who just started college, nor was he a graduate that would soon take on the world.


There were 30 people in his class. This time, they were divided into two recording studios. Yan Mu Lin was divided into the “Yun Shui Yao Recording Studio”.


Yun Shui Yao – A Song for Clouds and Water


The reason for his conflict with Sheng Xia Xiao was merely because of Yan Mu Lin’s physique. He was admitted to Huaxia’s Imperial Media College with excellent results and he even became a news anchor, but he never celebrated his achievements because Sheng Xia Xiao had always suppressed him, making him feel more and more inferior.


Today’s problem was because Yan Mu Lin was arranged to sit in front of Sheng Xia Xiao. Sheng Xia Xiao felt uncomfortable since the lighting in the recording studio wasn’t very bright. He pushed Yan Mu Lin to the ground. Yan Mu Lin, who fell, got covered by the shadows, which made him very scared.


Yan Mu Lin was so frightened that he ran out of breath, which led to the original owner’s sudden death. It gave the current Yan Mu Lin a chance to transmigrate into this body.


According to the memories of the original owner, Yan Mu Lin was locked inside a cupboard by a nanny who had sexual intercourse with her lover in her employer’s home. This was the reason for his mental state in the recording studio.


Every time Yan Mu Lin showed this “could-faint-anytime” expression, Sheng Xia Xiao would feel the desire to bully him. Seeing him frightened so badly, Sheng Xia Xiao thought it was really funny, and started bullying Yan Mu Lin every day.


Yan Mu Lin looked up and watched as Sheng Xia Xiao got surrounded by everyone.


This little devil needs to be taught a lesson. If I want to give him a heavy blow, then I should beat him in what he does best.


Right now, there was an opportunity.


The Earl Watch advertisement dubbing is it?


He looked forward to it.

I will sometimes alternate between the terms  CV (character voice) and voice actor when talking about… voice actors hahaha…

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