Chapter 2: Fraud

Yan Mu Lin’s initial conclusion was that this world was very tolerant to the preferences of people.


In his previous life, he did not even want to think about it.


Even for the most basic adult movies, the present world’s theaters would arrange these movies according to a schedule. As long as you were at least 18 years old, then you could buy the movie tickets by verifying your ID card.


Furthermore, voice actors had a place and room for development in the entertainment industry. Even those who acted in adult films would be recognized and sought after by the public.


In his previous life, voice actors were only focused on voice acting. Most of them were non-professional voice actors because there weren’t that many professional voice actors. Not everyone could have a brokerage firm. Everyone acted in their own name in voice acting.


As said earlier, the voice-acting circle is highly against newcomers. If there were old voice actors willing to guide someone, then it would make sense, but no one wanted to take the time to coach newcomers, they preferred finishing their own work.


The voice acting industry’s jobs were relatively small, and newcomers had to compete. It was magic if they weren’t rejected, and can be considered truly “just and fair”.


All in all, everything was rewarded.


Voice actors relied on seniority to receive work from producers. They do not sign work contracts, and compensation was discussed in advance. Other basic guarantees were something you should not think about. Unless they were some big shot; then a common voice actor’s pay was usually 200 RMB for a TV Show, and 1000 to 2000 RMB for a movie. There were no fluctuations. This was how they treated a voice actor in his world.


Now, the voice acting industry had its own circle, with fierce competition. Just like the show business in his world, voice acting’s development was widespread. It was not as narrow before, being limited to traditional dubbing and online dubbing.


Here, voice actors could have their own concerts and fans. The number of a CV dashen‘s fans were no less than a superstar’s. People could become superstars in the voice acting industry, as long as their face value was high, and their dubbing skills were outstanding, then there were lots of opportunities and powerful brokerage firms. Being famous was absolutely not a problem.


dashen – A term widely used in games, forums, and novels in China. Those who are god-like characters / seniors / veterans are usually referred to as dashen or great god.


After understanding the general background of this world, Yan Mu Lin’s most important task was to record the advertisement assigned by the teacher. He was a boarding student. Huaxia’s Imperial Media College’s dorm was a double room, and his room was in the performance department so he usually did not go back to the dorm. Yan Mu Lin had enough space to complete this task.


He looked up the Earl Watch in the Internet.


What sort of people loved this watch? What age group uses it the most?


There would always be a story behind it.


Each advertisement had its own meaning, and each item had something it represented. Voice acting wasn’t simply reading the advertisement’s script out loud. You must make the listeners feel the sorrow, the joy, the pain, or any other emotion contained in the words that had to be shown in a short period of time. The CV also had to fully understand and experience the character’s emotions, then utilize their vocabulary and voice’s plasticity to match the character, which would make the character more full and three-dimensional.


Since the ad was not currently running on major advertisement platforms, Yan Mu Lin and the others did not know its details. They could only try to understand it through the short script. Compared to his fellow students, Yan Mu Lin was going through the source material at the slowest time. He attached a huge amount of importance to this advertisement’s recording, unlike his other classmates.


Right away, they thought that they would not be able to choose. They just had to read the script in what the employers believed to be the best sound.



Maybe this was because today’s CVs are impetuous. They think that their appearances and finding the best brokerage firm were the most important things. They did not place importance on studying voice acting and thought that those two were enough to succeed.


Compared to Yan Mu Lin, who had worked hard on learning how to vocalize, on how to use his vocal cords, and on how to change his voice; they were naturally too inferior.


At this moment, Yan Mu Lin did not know that this was their normal state. The time given by the teacher was three days, but the students felt that a three-day preparation was too much. However, Yan Mu Lin thought it was too short. He has not yet adjusted to this world, and he had to change his views. He would use self-hypnosis to quickly blend in.



Yan Mu Lin’s current appearance was somewhat different from his previous self. He was much better than he used to be. His former body, together with being constantly on the move, made it completely different from his current body. This body was good, and it possessed inherent advantages. There were no problems with his timbre, figure, and height.


Yan Mu Lin was very satisfied with his circumstances, and coupled together with his hard-earned knowledge, there were no problems in bringing his voice’s evolution to another height. He had also searched for the most influential CV on the Internet. Indeed, talent and hard work were necessary to reach that kind of level. Additionally, other people did not have the rich experience he had.


It was hard to predict if he had a future within his favorite occupation, but this did not mean that he would have to give up.


In order to record an acceptable material, Yan Mu Lin needed a good recording studio. The school’s recording studio was open to students at 9 AM to 10 PM every day.


To avoid Sheng Xia Xiao and his lackeys, Yan Mu Lin chose a recording studio online. He only needed to use it for half an hour, it wouldn’t delay him.


A good recording studio was reserved according to time. After Yan Mu Lin saw the deposit, he was not very worried. His mother was a well-known actress. His living expenses were also very impressive. The original Yan Mu Lin did not have any social capability, in addition to eating and clothing, he did not spend his money.


I’ll be spending your money now, and in the future I’ll spare no effort to accomplish your dream, okay?


Even if he had enough money to spend, Yan Mu Lin, who was used to being thrifty, rented the school’s public bicycles. You shouldn’t look down on it just because it was for public use; its quality was comparable to mountain bikes. One can imagine how good the government was to the students. This level was absolutely the style of a capitalist country.


Huaxia maintained the traditional constitutional monarchy, but the parliament had the final say. The imperial family was something like a figure for the outside world. It was actually the Chinese prime minister ruling the country. He was the real leader of Huaxia.


It was currently autumn. Several leaves floated as Yan Mu Lin passed through Lulin Road. He cycled and followed the navigation system to reach his destination. Yan Mu Lin felt a sense of satisfaction breathing the fresh air.


Though, he could not help but sigh, he had not been this carefree for so many years. In order to survive, he had to work part-time at a TV station for a free dinner.


It took him nearly half an hour to reach his destination. The school was not far from the city and it was easy to go anywhere.


The city was beautiful, the government made a lot of effort to keep the city green. Green was seen everywhere, making it comfortable for the people.


Although the Imperial Media College was not in the city center, it wasn’t that far. He followed the road signs and immediately located the recording studio.


It was in a secluded place, there wasn’t that many people. When Yan Mu Lin walked in, he saw a dejected man sitting in the front desk. He looked listless, holding an unlit cigarette. It looked like he could fall asleep any time.


Yan Mu Lin came forward to explain his purpose in coming. The man flipped through the records and said lazily, “The first room on the left, there’s a sound engineer waiting for you.”


The boss is so carefree.


Yan Mu Lin began to doubt whether this recording studio would be great. He had no choice but to keep up the “since I’ve come, then I should be comfortable” attitude.


since I’ve come, then I should be comfortable – An idiom which means: If you can’t do anything to prevent it, then you might as well sit back and enjoy it.


When he walked into the room, Yan Mu Lin’s first thought was that it was better than the school’s. The sound engineer was a 30-year-old woman, her work attitude differed from the boss. She smiled and looked at Yan Mu Lin’s coat. “You are from Imperial Media College?”


Yan Mu Lin smiled but did not answer. He cleared his throat and said, “Can I start recording?”


Voice actors aren’t singers, they did not need headphones to listen to sounds. He only had to record the words he had been repeating hundreds of times in his mind. The sound engineer in the control room gave Yan Mu Lin a signal for him to start recording.


Yan Mu Lin recorded different materials in different voices using his own ideas. There was the gorgeous type, the gentle type, and the mature type. After half an hour of recording, the audio copy was done. Yan Mu Lin was satisfied with his work; he used three kinds of recording because he was not pleased with his voice. It lacked exercise, his vocal cords were not fully opened and not a lot of sounds could be displayed.


Now that he was a newcomer, he must start with imitation as his vocal cords have not been stretched. Just like in martial arts, a person’s ligament which hasn’t been stretched can’t complete difficult moves. If they forced themselves to do it, then it would harm their fundamentals. Therefore, he did not dare to do exaggerated sounds and tried to figure out what he could use.


The fees were paid through the Internet so Yan Mu Lin left the recording studio after the session.


What he did not know was that after he left, the female recording engineer talked to the drowsy owner, “It’s a newcomer with potential. Why don’t you consider recommending him to your brother?”


The boss said sleepily, “Nowadays, there are a lot of singers with potential. I’m not interested.”


The sound engineer shook her head, “He is not a singer. He’s a voice actor, and quite a serious one too.”


The boss slightly opened his eyes at that, but closed them again. The child did look clean and handsome. They’ll have an opportunity to meet again.


After returning to school, Yan Mu Lin listened to his recorded audio several times before sending it to the teacher. Without a doubt, he was the last one who passed in his work.


However, after the teacher listened to his audio, his first reaction was not to praise but suspicion. Was Yan Mu Lin looking for something? Did he cheat?



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